Frequently Asked Questions

Which avenues do BUSINESSKENYA254.COM employs to market the listed properties, products, services, brands, in its portal as well as professions?

BUSINESSKENYA254.COM uses very aggressive online marketing as its main advertisement tool for all the properties, products, services, professions and organization listed on our portal.

IS WWW.BUSINESSKENYA254.COM a Marketing Agent?

No, we are purely 100% marketing firm who markets all the properties, profession, organizations, services and their products which are within our portfolio, we market them to millions of Kenyans within Kenya and in Diaspora (Please visit About Us Icon). Do potential clients contact BUSINESSKENYA254.COM on behalf of the owners of the properties, products, services and profession listed in our broad categories on our portal? No, what we embarked from day one of our operations is to provide a platform, a system only where the willing sellers in Kenya can meet with willing buyers based in Kenya or in Diaspora, they are supposed to contact them directly with the contacts they have provided corresponding to their properties, organizations, products, services and professions.

Which Countries do WWW.BUSINESSKENYA254.COM allow for listing to be listed on its portal?

We at BUSINESSKENYA254.COM only concentrates and allows properties, organizations, products, services and profession from Kenya only, in all the 47 counties, this portal has been developed for Kenyan properties, organizations and their products, services and listed profession based in Kenya only, however the potential clients might be Kenyans residing in Kenya, in Diaspora or even international investors (Foreign Investors).

At what price range do WWW.BUSINESSKENYA254.COM accept listing on its portal?

We at BUSINESSKENYA254.COM, we do not discriminate on either low priced nor high priced properties, products, services, brands and profession, our desire is to enable both sellers and buyers to meet in most effective way and have a win win situation by conducting gainful, legal businesses quickly and seamlessly and for potential employers to meet ready and skillful potential professional job seekers.

When properties, products, services or profession sales are realized, are the sellers or business people supposed to give WWW.BUSINESSKENYA254.COM a certain commission?

No, at BUSINESSKENYA254.COM , our mandate is very clear, is to connect, link up sellers and buyers of properties,products,services,brands, organization and profession services ,apart from the very affordable charge of listing on our portal, there is no other charge to be paid to BUSINESSKENYA254.COM , should anyone ask for any money rewards or appreciation report directly to us, and we shall take the necessary action which are not limited to seeking legal address: report the same directly to OPERATIONS@BUSINESSKENYA254.CO.KE,we even recommend and encourage the victim to report the same to nearby police station for obtain crime.

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