What we have provided is a platform portal, a comprehensive system portal that all players and businesses as well as potential clients meets and conduct gainful and legal businesses among themselves in every region in all the 47 counties of our great country whether residing in the country or abroad who are in need of services from legit services providers back home in their preferred 47 counties of our vast country.

NB. (All the listing: properties in real estate, products, services, Brands, Organizations, legit professional job seekers & all the other broad sectors marketed at Counties Properties, Professional & all Businesses marketing portal will simultaneously be stored in its identical highly protected backup cloud portal.

NB: It is a one stop shop for all businesses in all of our 47 counties of our great republic Kenya to meet and conduct gainful and legal businesses among all the players involved seamlessly.

WWW.BUSINESSKENYA254.COM has gone a notch higher in that it is also a marketing platform where all the legit professional in our great country market their qualifications, skills, expertise and talents to potential employers spread in every region of our country as well as abroad, we have listed 972 career jobs in similar sequence and evenly distributed them in all the 47 counties broad icons. Our mandate is to aggressively market our national portal inclusive with all the listing for the benefit of the potential clients who visits our portal daily in thousands and millions and those who have listed with us for a win win situation amongst themselves.

A platform developed diligently where Kenyans properties {vacant plots (both for commercial and residential development), land, apartments, villas, bungalows, townhouses, industrial properties, Agricultural properties, and commercial building)} are marketed online to potential clients within Kenya and diaspora for either letting, leasing (short and long) or buying.
Founded by technocrats holding extensive and vast Real Estate local and international knowledge, with in-depth and very rich Kenya’s entire Real Estate industry knowledge: property pricing for both letting and selling balancing on optimum rents and selling properties at the best prevailing prices in the market, lease renewals/reviews, sales and acquisition of properties on behalf of clients, crucial advice on lease administration, market conditions ,wills ,trusts and estate planning and execution and entire legal process of buying land in Kenya seamlessly as well as holding deep knowledge on construction ,banking, insurance industry ,businesses excel marketing know how & government services experience in key parastatals and ministries.





Address: Plot 884 off Limuru road

Contacts: 0724 427 327 (Voice calls and Whatsapp) / 01 427 327 (Voice calls only)

Our Amazing Management Team

Founding Chairman & Managing Director

John Gachuma Kahiu

Director Finance & Strategy

Margaret Njoki

GM Innovation

Alex Ngugi

Chief Emerging Markets Advisor & Pastoral care

Agnes Wairimu

Diaspora Coordinator

Joseph Kinuthia

Who We Are

  • We the Counties properties, professional & all businesses Portal commonly referred to as BUSINESSKENYA254.COM are the leaders in Kenya in marketing all the properties on sale, lease or letting to potential clients within Kenya as well as in Diaspora.
  • We at BUSINESSKENYA254.COM are the absolute platform enabler, where all the players in Real Estate & all the broad and comprehensive sectors listed meets and conduct legal and gainful businesses.
  • We list all the professional and market their skills to potential employers within the country and abroad to enable them get job opportunities to enable them put their skills into use.
  • We command the respect in Kenya and Diaspora in Real Estate Industry & all the listed sectors as the leader in marketing all the listing in our portfolio in Kenya.
  • We aggressively outsource and list all the properties within Kenya in all regions for sale, letting or leasing and list the same on our site and present it to Millions of potential clients spread in Kenya and Diaspora.
  • We at BUSINESSKENYA254.COM have a combined 16 years of solid Real Estate marketing experience in Kenya where our strength lies with our robust Real Estate ever evolving Market intelligence in Kenya, East Africa & entire Africa continent, apart from real estate marketing experience, we also proud ourselves with in-depth excel marketing experience in 7 more broad and different sectors of the economy that we have covered in all the 340 categories at BUSINESSKENYA254.COM
  • We have a solid, rich database of Real Estate potential clients & other products and services potential clients spread across Diaspora, Kenya and East Africa which is our highly protected asset No 1., it’s to them that we first extend any properties, organizations, brand, products and services to on every new listing on our portal.
  • We at BUSINESSKENYA254.COM do continuously update our internal local Kenyan and Diaspora potential clientele to reach our minimum goal target of a minimum of 2 million diaspora potential clients and 10 million local potential clientele based in all of our entire 47 counties as well as diaspora.
Why is it recommended for your property, organization, Brand, products & services to be marketed at WWW.BUSINESSKENYA254.COM?

  • Your property, organization, brand, products and services you offer will be visible by large number of potential clients within Kenya and Diaspora who it would have been more cumbersome and difficult and very expensive for you to reach whether as an individual or as corporate.
  • You will have saved on your marketing budget by a wide margin.
  • With our BUSINESSKENYA254.COM diaspora platform and our targeted diaspora clients, your property, organization, products & services you offer will have an upper hand to be bought, leased by the very potential diaspora clients who have quite a lot of disposable income which they want to invest back home.
  • Your property, organization, products & services you offer will be on the leading marketing portal which is hugely respected in this great country as well as in Diaspora.
  • Your property, organization, products & services you offer will be viewed simultaneously by millions of Kenyans in the country and Diaspora as well as by international investors who wants to invest in Kenya.
  • Very affordable for us at BUSINESSKENYA254.COM to list your property (a minimum of ksh 500) to list and market online your property, organization, professional qualifications, skills, products & services from six months to one year nonstop.
  • At BUSINESSKENYA254.COM we conduct vigorous, wide and aggressive online marketing of all the listed properties, organization, products, services & Professional potential employees in our portal, we have managed on the same because of excellent marketing capabilities, credit analysis, economies of scale and vast rich Real Estate industry experiences well as the other highlighted sectors.
  • WWW.BUSINESSKENYA254.COM is purely developed solely for Kenyans properties, organizations, brand, products, services and profession only.
  • Free Expertise advice on pricing your property, products and services you are offering that will attract the right potential clients effectively and quickly balancing very well on securing your profit margins.
  • Very easy laid steps to follow for your property, organizations, products, services and profession to be listed on our site
  • Take a clear picture of your property, business premises, product & services flier that you want we market on your behalf at BUSINESSKENYA254.COM
  • Send the file together with a brief description of your property, brand, organization, products, services and your profession and your day time contacts to BUSINESSKENYA254.COM or via WhatsApp No: 0724427327 upon payment of ksh 500 via Lipa na Mpesa to 0724427327 for, per single listing for six months marketing or ksh 1,000 for 12 months nonstop marketing.
  • The operation team will upload the same to our portal that fits with the category of your organization, brand, products, services or profession you offer on your chosen location among the 47 counties, we at BUSINESSKENYA254.COM we henceforth commit to immediately begin with aggressively marketing your listing, for a period of 6 months nonstop, the potential buyers, tenants, potential clients will start engaging with you directly on the contacts you have provided. Nb. For Apartments, we charge by number of units, since some units might be already rented or bought.
  • We charge ksh500 only for six months or Ksh 1,000 for one-year nonstop marketing to millions of potential clients within the country and in diaspora.
  • To sum it all, when your property is listed on our portal it will attract the right potential buyers, leaser, tenant quickly than it would have been if you are doing it by yourself at no extra cost apart from the very affordable charge starting with ksh 500 listing fee for unbelievable long period of between six months to 12 months in our portal.
Why The Various Listed Professionals in our portal should Market Their Professions, Their Organizations, services and products with WWW.BUSINESSKENYA254.COM?

  • For the 972 professional listed on our portal in each of our 47 counties, they stand high probabilities to land on job opportunities that do match their skills, competency and experience from Kenyan organizations, multinational companies based in any of our 47 counties or organizations based abroad as we market our portal aggressively in every region of our country and diaspora as well.
  • You will receive booming businesses as your products, services, profession and contacts will be visible by millions of potential clients in our portal here in Kenya and Diaspora.
  • Your Brand will be highly visible on the market leader portal not only in Kenya but globally where our Kenyans in diaspora resides.
  • Easy way of landing to lucrative business opportunities, ensure you provide to BUSINESSKENYA254.COM brief but detailed description of your business, products, services and profession remember to provide very available contacts that you can be reached with by your potential clients.
  • Your products will be visible locally in your Niche market, other regions of our country and in Diaspora.
  • BUSINESSKENYA254.COM is an avenue to reach market segments you intend to capture in the near future or markets you have not occupied fully.
  • For the very first time in Kenya, bringing a platform that is linking all players in real estate industry and other listed sectors via the least cost effective way.
  • Fewer laid steps of the description of your profession, products, services and organization to be uploaded on our site:
  • Write a brief but detailed description of your business, products, services you offer, profession or what you do in our listed categories in every region and location of our country you are located, provide your current contacts be it phone numbers or emails for quick reach by all potential clients.
  • Send the same to INFO@BUSINESSKENYA254.COM or via WhatsApp No: 0724427327. We charge ksh 500 only, for six months or ksh 1,000 for one-year nonstop marketing to millions of potential clients within the country and in diaspora, one off payment via Lipa na Mpesa to 0724427327 that will ensure we aggressively market your listing effectively nonstop.
  • Nb. For products, services and profession we shall give quotation depending on the number of your different products your organization is selling, kindly provide to us approximate number of products you may wish we market for you, since we charge per product or per services as well as per profession, the good thing is for group listing/a number of listing for a single client we give huge discounts on the payment.

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