Privacy Policy

At BUSINESSKENYA254.COM, when your property, services, products and description of your profession listed with us, there is no confidentiality, it will be visible to millions of all those who visit our site whether in Kenya or in diaspora.

You will only send properties, products, services and profession details of which you legally own, under your management and not for others without their approval and knowledge, if you do so you are liable for prosecution in the court of law by the owns you will have impersonated.

You are only supposed to provide your contacts and not impersonating another person, or organization, should you do so, you will be liable for prosecution in court of law for the ones you will have impersonated as individual or corporate organization.

You are only supposed to make payment by the channel provided by BUSINESSKENYA254.COM only that is via Lipa na Mpesa on 0724427327.

You agree not to be a paid agent by another person or organization apart from Counties properties and all businesses advertisement portal to send details to BUSINESSKENYA254.COM , with only exceptions of agents who will have been directly shortlisted by BUSINESSKENYA254.COM and given opportunity by BUSINESSKENYA254.COM in all the 47 counties of our country to act on our behalf on various regions in Kenya otherwise at BUSINESSKENYA254.COM we encourage and urge the real owners of properties, the organizations and Professions in all the sectors categories in our portal to directly engage with BUSINESSKENYA254.COM to benefit directly noting very well we will not be liable for any impersonation and money lost on your side.

It will be at the cost of the willing seller to engage with willing buyer on his/her own terms, for us we are only providing a system and platform for meeting and having gainful and legal interactions between the two parties, the two parties online, it is upon you to arrange for viewing, meeting and selling and closing the sale or inviting all your potential clients to your business premises or to sell to potential clients your professional services.

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