How To Make The Most Out Of Your Day

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15 ways you can maximize the most form your day.

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  1. Have a purpose. With no direction, you will waste time
  2. Have a 10-year plan, something to live up to and to measure progress
  3. Have a daily big target to achieve in line with your 10-year plan and purpose. In a day you may end up doing many little things that take you only a short distance, but have a big accomplishment to pursue each day
  4. Have few friends in line with your values and purpose. It is not in the quantity of friends but the quality of friends
  5. Avoid gossiping time. Too much time is wasted talking about other people and unconstructive talks
  6. Minimize chatting time. Many time wasters will want to waste time with you. Ignore them
  7. Control your sexual urges. Lust will make you waste precious time on pornography, potential sexual experiences and curious sexcapades
  8. Avoid affairs. Nothing wastes your time and money like affairs. They end, then you wonder "What was it all for?"
  9. Learn to say no. You will get many requests and invites. Be picky
  10. Work out. It will make you more productive
  11. Avoid overthinking. Worry solves nothing, but only slows you down. Don't stagnate in low moments or panic
  12. Ignore petty fights. People who don't value their time will want to drag you into their mess. Don't take the bait
  13. Minimize entertainment. It is good to unwind but with moderation
  14. Don't try to copy others, including your spouse. Find your own priorities and rhythm. If you try hard to fit in to how others live, you will lose time
  15. Sleep well and take good care of your health. You have only one body, if you abuse it, it will fight your progress.

Time management is crucial. Once you lose a day, you can't get it back

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